Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FISTA CUFF.... Can Be made without the teef.                                                                


Friday, September 7, 2012

M-4 YouR DooR

This key can be cut to your house specs! It is the most common house key blank. M-4 YouR own DooR. Bronze gun with stainless chain mail chain.

CleaR CameO CuFF

MonA LisA Cuff

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012



This is another SNeak PeaK of the new line, 'Circus of Hard Knocks'.
If you are a buyer for a store you should come to booth 1134 at the Venetian in Las Vegas for Accessories: The Show. It runs August 21-23. If you are a buyer who can't make it or just someone interested in purchasing one, email me at heyltjerose@yahoo.com

Thursday, April 19, 2012

LuV Me SomE BourBoN!!!

Just finished up these 2 cuffs for a customer paying respect to the brown booze!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

PAySoN, AZ....New SHOP!!!

So, I've been out of the game for what feels like a very long time. It's been close to a month, but in that time I have driven across the country with Turk, literally smuggling her in to many a motel and moving my ass to a little town called Payson in AZ. Made it in pretty good time considering stops for the dog and the hotels. In the last leg I beat the black skies to my back missing the storms and tornadoes in Oklahoma City. CLear skies ahead, I hammered on and saw a full sky double rainbow before calling it a night. Felt so good to get to my final destination, Long Jon and Pinky's place that I now call home. I can not give enough thanks to them for offering up their space and support and to the many people calling to check in on me during my trip. It's nice to know people really are there for you when you need them!
The contents of my shop arrived a week late, so my work is really backed up, but I settled in and have things pretty much in order and am operational. Fuck National Moving COmpany!!!!

I bought a display case for my merch for $10 at a local thrift store.... Check it out!
And as a shop warming gift, the guy that owns the store gave me the tiny fish tank with 2 gold fish. Great people in this town. Haven't met a single disgruntled soul. The grocery store has 'take out service' if you need help getting stuff out to your vehicle. A cute old man bagging my one bag of a bottle of wine and some bread offered his assistance with a big smile on his face....
Another experience that blew my mind was a visit to the DMV. Not a single person in line, I walked in, filled out minimal paper work, had my photo taken, handed over $25 and received my AZ license good until I am 65! A little bit different from CT.
I am settling in to the slower pace and new shop. All I need is a drill press, so if anyone out here has one up for grabs give me a shout.

Welding curtains house sander and buffer.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HungRY LittLE DerMistID BeetLeS!!!

So I posted awhile back that I had received my flesh eating taxidermy beetles for getting down to the bare bones that I use to make much of my jewelry. You may recall the details....The corpse must first be skinned, then the meat is dried out to the consistency of beef jerky.  When cleaning skulls the eyeballs must be pulled out which is actually REALLY difficult to do. Not just because of the smell, but also because they are muscled in the sockets extra tight. A metal hook is your best friend. Next, the brain matter must be pulled out through the eye sockets. All this needs doing so that the interior meat doesn't rot and wreak. It is too much matter for the beetles to get through fast enough.

Now that I have been caring for them for about a month, they have at least doubled their little colony and have become quite cozy in their 75 degree regulated aquarium. A thermostat is essential: if their living quarters get to be above 80 degrees, they start to grow wings. I really don't think flying, flesh eating beetles would make the best pets. They need a steady supply of meat and the occasional wet paper towel to drink from.

Here they are in all there glory munching on half of a fox leg. Not sure what the bones will look like, but they may inspire some new pieces. I'll let you know when they are full......