Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New ShiT for BrooklyN!!!!

Stoked to have gotten these castings back just in time for the show. THey are available in sterling, white bronze, and bronze.

Inspired by Eggy and Joey who say this to me constantly.

Wingnut Cuff with Sterling HR

Crusty Lion


Ox BlooD & BraSS

Limited release castings and one of a kind cuffs.....Get 'em while they're hot, kids. Thanks to Nikki Linn for the inspiration on the necklaces (and for the rad package I received today!!!) 
I am mad pumped for this weekend. So many people I haven't seen in soooo long. So many parties and good times to come. BrOOkLyN InVitatioNaL 2011! Come and see me and check out my inventory. I have been stocking up!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

GeaRing Up!!!!

So I know I have been lagging big time. Lagging on the blog, but not workwise.
Been mad busy getting ready for the Invitational, restocking stores, and getting ready for an L.A. trip.
I am also having a very special visitor coming to stay for the month to help me with my marketing...
So, I have been making things that need to be shot before they end up elsewhere in the world.
When I have, I will post 'em......

Will def have some Brooklyn Invitational footage, as well.
Come out to the DiCE party the night before the show @ Gutter, too!

Some pics from last year to get you pumped