Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Micro bikinis continued.....

Sooo, for the second installment. All of these images are taken from Wicked Weasel www.wickedweasel.com. Now there are many of these sites. I don't know who gets the cred for making the first micro suits, but I applaud them. So, I know of the negative connotation of the 'hipster', but when it comes to WW, you will most def enjoy them.... low slung side strings and tiny central triangle. THey also have what they call 'workwear'. Far from Carharts, these are undies of the same caliber we have been seeing, but the only difference is that they are in cotton. Lastly, my fave is the term 'knickers'. It must be an Australian thing. You probably picture mid thigh bloomers as I did, but let me tell you, that is not what these folks have in mind.....CHeck them out:

If anyone reading this (ladies or gents) wants to buy me some valentine 'knickers' (the golden rose are my fave), I will post me modeling them. Man Up!!!

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  1. Ms.Rose, I want to personally thank you for posting these and turning me on to the world of microminis..my life will never be the same..Roadside Marty