Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Obsession......

Pretty sure this is the 'microminimus' 

The aptly named 'tear drop'

I own this one in pink...

My first contact with tiny suits began when I saw the video 'Beautiful' with Snoop and Pharrell. If you haven't seen it check out the link. When that chic launches herself onto that surf board...OMG. Brazilians have genetically superior heinys. They were clad in Rosa Cha (a Brazilian designer) suits that I craved. At about the same time (probably 7 years ago), my friend had come back from Brazil and gave me an itty bitty bikini that until that time in the US was very hard to come by. The nineties trend of hiking the sides of the rather large bottoms (comparatively speaking) was still prominent, as was medium bottoms that just weren't very flattering and not skanky enough for my taste. After many google searches, I  discovered the site Microkitten ( I was hooked! The options of micro (2" at widest point and string back thong), mini (a tad larger with same back), and brazilian mini (with a triangle thong instead of just strings) were what I was after. I purchased a black brazilian mini and was on my way to an obsession. Check out one of my fave models Flavia on microkitten...Mmmmm. Stay tuned for future related posts...Wagons will have to wait. The competition is on, Leo!!!

-Beautiful video with Snoop....


  1. THIS is GREAT, up it was - 14,..just what I needed to warm me up,. thanks,..summer time fun.

  2. You have great obsession !!! If only you were a 14 year old boy ;-)

  3. I can get just as much pleasure out of it (if not more) as a woman in her prime ;).....

  4. she must have the tinniest vagina ever!