Wednesday, November 30, 2011

KullY in the new issue of IRON WORKS!!!

So my boy Kully is killing it!!!! He has been apprenticing at EFAB and I have come to know him not only as a fine craftsmen/fabricator, but also as an extremely sweet and thoughtful person (not to mention a damn fine looking lad).  He is working around the clock on his latest build putting time in on every component with impressive results. 
THe article in Iron Works features the bike he had at the AMD's in Sturgis. Very tasteful and clean and it was his first full build! Stay tuned for his next bike. It will blow you away.
Also get your hands on this issue of Iron Works for more info/pics.
His blog is:

Keino Cycles: Paul Cox knives

Keino Cycles: Paul Cox knives: true craftsman.
Killing it as always.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AleXanDeR HanKoFF short 'REFRACTIONS' with HR head harness
Just click on the first video to the right of ALex's pic. 'Refractions'

THanks to Fredo Montes the stylist who chose my work for the shoot & Alexander Hankoff for making such an epic film!

ALexander is an amazing artist. As a graduate of both the International Center of Photography and New York Film Academy, Alexander's unique vision is captured in both photography and motion pictures. The young artist's work has caught the eye of progressive clients such as Apple, Dior, Droid, Scion, MasterCard, Johnson & Johnson and The Gap, as well as many international fashion and beauty magazines.

Alexander Hankoff

Fredo is a native new yorker... a product of nyc nightlife. he is heavily influenced by the artistic works of andy warhol and keith haring, the photography of helmut newton and robert maplethorpe, and the music and style of grace jones and madonna. "living in nyc has afforded me the opportunity to have met each one of my idols." 
For many years, he has assisted a veritable "who's who" of fashion editors and stylists on a variety of projects: from glossy editorials to luxury advertising campaigns, runway shows in bryant park to red carpet events, music videos to indie film. Somewhere along the line, he has slowly transitioned into making a name for himself as a fashion stylist... working on his own projects... doing his own thing. though he has a penchant for menswear, he likes to "play dress up with women" every now and then.

Fredo Montes
Fredo Montes, stylist, represents the true attitude of a native New Yorker with his quick wit and unrestricted tongue. He asserts, “I am a native New Yorker and I am just not that easily impressed”.

 This is a still from the film showing HR head gear.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011