Friday, August 26, 2011

RiKKi RockeTT rocks HR LeatheR!!!!


SO as always, Sturgis was off the chain. SOrry I haven't posted until now, but I was waiting to get these pics off from my buddies camera. Got to spend quality time with some of my favorite people and shoot the shit with some new found comrades. Just when you think there isn't anybody new worth knowing....

As a Poison fan I was stoked to meet Rikki Rockett (who changed his name in the 80's because, in his words, 'I was committed.' I like that certainty in a person. I didn't realize it was him till he handed me his card to pay for the cuff..... I told him that I had Open Up and Say Ahh on vinyl back in the day. Wow, was I dating myself. This was before DJing became mainstream and you could still buy records in the chain music stores.

Wish I still had it!
In fact, wish I still had my whole vinyl collection that an old friend/roommate made off with upon moving out. Fuck Face.

I have many more images & stories to report on from this most excellent week, but you can't have them all right now.  You're gonna have to stay tuned in......

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  1. Rikki's cool. Met him from hangin' with Bob Spina. He ain't stuck up and can talk bikes and stripe. A real good due.