Thursday, November 18, 2010


I was introduced to Steve Prue via Chopper Dave at the Brooklyn Invitational. By the end of the show, I watched him speed off on his Ducati with my studded Blue Barrel handbag on his shoulder filled with my accessories. No, he had not ripped me off. He would shoot some heavily tattooed smokehouse babes rocking them. I am waiting to get my paws on a plethora of images some of which will be in the next issue of Rebel Ink. I will post images as soon as they come out. I have seen some teasers and they are pleasers. Steve shoots for Suicide Girls, Tattoo mags, Yuhmm (LOVE this site), Playboy, and many more. Check out '10 things about him' and the link to the interview by Yuhmm.

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  1. That was you? Hey!!!! I LOVED your accessories! I did hair and makeup for that shoot. Let me know what issue they're in, so I can pick up a copy.