Sunday, February 13, 2011

ClairE RoseN/ Taxidermy

                Fuck...can't seem to get a bigger image of this. Taxidermy squirrel lamps (Ken Fulk, I believe) in tree with posted sign 'Beware of Squirrels.'

I met Claire Rosen at Millbrook boarding school in NY at the opening of a show of my work, 'Macabre Leather'. She had been granted a residency there for her photography. The more I talked to her, the more I learned of what we had in common. The science building there had been one of my favorite to visit....Tons of preserved animals from individual bones to full taxidermied specimens.  A few weeks before, I had learned that the whole collection had been put in storage because some parents or trustees had complained about it. I mean, what better way to learn about the physiology of an animal then to have the real thing sitting in front of you?? Not to mention it was just plain bad ass. A creepy basement full of large stuffed creatures....even a full bear skeleton that had been rotted down on site.
So this is where Claire comes into the picture. Turns out her proposal was to go through said collection to photograph and catalog it. This was not just an average photographer making a record. Her love for the subject matter deified each and every bone. Not to mention that she was already very successful in her field. She has a serious portfolio behind her, including fashion photography for Neiman Marcus, multiple awards for her commercial work and many accolades for her fine art.

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