Monday, February 28, 2011

PoWeR WagON LovE

Here is one of the hardest trucks to find 1961 W200 CALIFORNIA RUST FREE rust free rust freeTRUCK only 258 v8 made and another 200 or so ? 6 cylinders. This truck was special ordered by a old man in a LITTLE GOLD MINNING TOWN Ransburg, CA on the 395 with a v8 radio (lights up no sound) and a cigarette lighter. It was used for minning then sat for years. The 2nd owner was always looking for a 1961 and purchased the truck in 1987 and spent 1000's of hours and over 3 years restoring the entire truck. The truck had about 30,000 origanal miles on it when he purchased. I have 100's++++ of receipts. He had everything on the truck freshened up EVERYTHING. ALL STOCK BUT FRESH. He spent about $4000 on the original 318, rebuilt 4 speed transmission, rebuilt front and rear ends, added hedders, new drive shafts,I have the stock 2bbl intake (he spent many hours looking for a 4bbl intake (on it now) and a N.O.S 1961 4bbl carb. This truck has not one rust spot underneath ZERO never ever. I will add the pictures of the truck before and after photos in 1987 to1990. After restoration he enjoyed the truck with his family on trips and misc. After about 10 years he put about 70,000 miles on it and the brake master cylinder went out. He parked the truck and the rest was history.-Collector Cars for Sale

I have always had a place in my heart for power wagons! I spent many a dark summer night helping my cousins load theirs up with vineyard posts only to be dumped dump truck style in a heap next to the pond for another epic "Bond" fire. We would do multiple trips and try to make each one larger than the last. Someone would almost always try to jump it, which seems ludicrous when I think of it now. Many a can of cheap beer, someones car radio playing with the doors open, dirt bikes, some reefer. One memorable night when all the Bonds gathered in one place coming from coast to coast to convene in that little oasis of Hector, my cousin Jen had a sweet, sweet sesh of impromptu rhyming backed by a beat boxer. I don't remember all of it, but I do remember it was in remembrance of my grandmother Heyltje, the reason for the gathering being her funeral. Living to be 102 (?),  Jen spit Heyltje's history with many a line ending in '9 children', one of her many accomplishments in life.  Always guaranteed to be a good time and usually a major headache the next day, the power wagon still remains central to the fun we had. The truck would usually find its way thrashing through the woods tearing up everything in its path at some point. Eric, does the super wagon still live? Please say it is so.

Oh, this truck is on the market. My birthday is March 9th. Just sayin'.

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