Thursday, March 3, 2011

What the FuCK is ThaT thing?

Her name is Small Block, but she is better known as weasel, turkey monkey, 1/2 turtle 1/2 cornish hen, Turkus Malerkis, turk, malerkski, haunchy, chicken wings, freakazoid, speed fetus, poopy loopy, fatty magillacutty, poopis, talons (i know they need cutting), stinkus malinkus, sniffer iffer, rubber dog, the list goes on. She is 100% chihuahua, but you wouldn't think so....she is 12 pounds, a 'deer head' chihuahua not one of those tea cup 1 pounders. If you are considering getting a dog, remember it is like having a child. She is three and is still high maintenance. I do threaten to pluck her feathers and put her in the oven or to dock her tail and ears. She doesn't believe that I have the balls......


  1. no way a dog could have claws like that, she's clearly an alien