Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, folks.

So am coming down from all the festivities in the last couple weeks....phew. Glad they are over as my body couldn't take another day! Had sooo much fun with the fam & all of my incredible friends. Feel so fortunate.

Also winding down from all my X-mas orders. Thanks to everyone who has supported my craft. Couldn't do it without y'all! I am stoked to get going on new personal projects. I have been storing all kinds of rad shit to incorporate in my pieces. Also have been hooked up with so much cool shit. Special thanks to Leo, Joey, Gretchen, Tone Loc, and my Daddy-O!!! Also a big thanks to my Papa for my sick Xmas presents....homemade venison jerky (which is all gone, Dad you were a little stingy with it), homemade saki, dried apples, and canned apricots in honey. The best things are those have been made with lots of love.

Soooo, let the new creative energy begin tomorrow. Today is a day of recovery. My mind and body could use it. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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