Sunday, January 30, 2011

BrYan ReYnoLdS

This dude rocks my world...Didn't get some of his best work on here, but you can check out the link for more. The top piece is one of my faves. The colors he uses are so bright and unexpected. Everyone says that it doesn't really matter what type of ink is used, it is the contrast with the skin of the individual (ie pale skin makes colors brighter). I can't believe this in light of the fact that all his pieces are vibrant no matter who they are on. Does anyone have any info to enlighten me on the subject??? So, I will definitely get some work done one of these days. It doesn't seem like he has done much work lately, but if anyone hears of him at a convention, let me know. I don't know that I will be in Atlanta anytime soon. I think he still works out of Memorial Tattoo in Cabbagetown, ATL, GA.


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  2. Hello Heyltje!

    Sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye this afternoon! Thanks for having me over your guys place!

    Next time I'll bring lunch and stay to eat, gotta plan for days when the earth isn't gonna be coated in ice haha!



  3. That would be cool, you're welcome anytime!