Friday, January 28, 2011

I HeaRT WaGoNs......

 61 Pontiac Safari
 76 Pontiac Safari
 59 Rambler
 60 Pontiac Safari
 60 Pontiac Safari
 Le Mans Wagon
 Pontiac Safari

Soviet Limo??

So, I love everything from the sleazy faux wood grain 70s Pontiac Safari (released the year I was born) and the dirty Le Mans wagon to the more desirable pink 59 Rambler. I've seen the 60 Safari in person...What a fucking boat!!! You could fit 15 kids and 5 labs in that thing! If I had one of the sleazy 70s mobiles, I would definitely have the wood grain repainted in the same tones of grain, but in flake.... If I see anyone do this before I get mine I will slit your throat.... And if anyone sees that Soviet Limo for sale, give me a shout....

Actually, if any of you know of any cool vintage wagons up for sale, let me know!


  1. I'm nuts for wagons too. Most folks don't get it. Screw 'em, those are some fine wagons right there.

    I have wanted one of these ever sinceI was nine or ten. they look like life sized toy cars. thanks for posting the other wagon pics. i am in love with these cars.

  3. MAtt- My best friend's Dad had one of those!!! Always thought it was cool when I was little, too. It did seem to always have issues, though!